Deposit Bonus

The Matching Deposit Bonus

With this type of bonus, the customer gets extra money to play with whenever he or she makes a deposit. If the percentage of the matching deposit on offer is a hundred percent, that means making a 200 dollars deposit gives you 400 dollars to play with. What could be more enticing than that?

The Percentage Deposit Bonus

This is very much like the matching deposit bonus but not as great. It is based on percentages. The casino may propose to offer a 50 percent bonus on percentage deposit for every deposit a client makes. This means when you deposit 400 dollars, they add a generous 200 dollars on top. Now, that is something.

The Reload Bonus

The casino tries to keep up customer enthusiasm and interest through the reload bonus. The reload bonus comes with every deposit you make to refresh your account. It is similar to the Sign-Up bonus but with a different aim. Its aim is to hold onto the attention of the gamer.

The Loyalty Bonus

This bonus has almost the same aim as the reload bonus. Its objective is to reward players for their patronage and hook them so they keep patronizing. It is a brilliant bonus and the gamers are signed onto the scheme automatically most times. The casino’s clubs and dignitary program keeps warding players points anytime they make a bet and also takes into consideration the proportion of the cash they deposit with the casino. The more bet one makes, the more points are awarded to him or her until he or she attains a senior dignitary level. At this stage, the player is offered special loyalty bonuses which is a reward for his or her continued patronage of the casino and also an incentive for more the player and others to continue to do